Pure Polling Presents: Pure Trash Tweets 2016

Because you might as well laugh. Got a worthy one? Send it to us.

Let me tell you, this is Sad! Believe me.

Only the democratic primaries are rigged. Duh!

We're Gonna level with ya here. We did Nazi this coming.

On november 9th, i'll show you some evidence that november 8th happened.

Gross. That's all we got. Gross.

There so waistful.....

And she'd be glad to show you how!

His night in shining armor

Let's dispel with this fiction

God was responsible for re-electing the anti-christ. Same page?

Something tells me that santa has something to do with his coal policy.

We give this tweet...one star.


This is the standard upon which all candidate tweets are judged upon. Take note.